Senior User Acquisition Manager


Senior User Acquisition Manager

We are looking for a Senior User Acquisition Manager to join our studio in Krakow. OneMoreGame.STUDIO is a daughter company of well-established GameDesire brand. The mobile gamedev studio is gathering multi-talented marketing team to plan and execute effective campaigns on mix of marketing channels. Our approach is to put players experience in the center and build games based on research and feedback.

Your tasks
  • Management of user acquisition process for two mobile F2P games: casual and mid-core
  • Leading the team consisting of media buyers, motion designers and analyst
  • Analysis and optimisation of campaigns run on advertising networks to maximise RoAS and LTV
  • Keeping the product teams in the feedback loop to constantly improve product-market fit
  • Continuous improvement and scaling of video asset creation process
  • Reporting results, obstacles and plans to the Executive Team
Required skills
  • At least 2 years experience on similar position. Experience in the field of UA mobile F2P is a must.
  • Deep understanding of major advertising platforms, especially Facebook Business Manager and Google Ads
  • Profound knowledge of F2P gaming KPIs, ease of working with data and numbers
  • Good understanding of Google Play Console and iTunes Connect
  • Familiarity with ASO
  • Good communication skills, ability to work efficiently with multiple stakeholders at the same time
  • Fluency in English
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